Hasebe, Yutaka


Overview Edit

A carefree civil servant who loves video games and Yamagami, Lucy.

Personality: Edit

Hasebe is carefree and slacks of at any given moment. He'll even do someone else's work to avoid doing his own. When he does his own work that's a sign that something's wrong. He comes from a civil servant family and is considered the most calm of them all but he's still far off his rocker. Hasebe is a prodigy and is good at everything he does, except getting the girl.

Hasebe has a habit of collecting emails from anyone he meets, mostly from girls, because he makes him feel at ease, even when he never actually use them.

Appearance: Edit

Hasebe is usually seen wearing a button up shirt with slacks and a tie, no jacket. He has brown hair and slightly droopy brown eyes.

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