Yutaka Hasebe (長谷部 豊, Hasebe Yutaka) is a character from the anime Servant x Service.

He is a carefree civil servant who loves video games and Lucy.

Appearance Edit

Hasebe is usually seen wearing a button up shirt with slacks and a tie, no jacket. He has brown hair and slightly droopy brown eyes. He is also considered to be handsome by many of the characters in the show.

Personality Edit

Hasebe is carefree and slacks off at any given moment. He'll even do someone else's work to avoid doing his own. When he does his own work, it's a sign that something's wrong. He comes from a civil servant family (third generation) and is considered the most calm of them all but he's still far off his rocker. Hasebe is a prodigy (able to memorize everything he reads) and is good at everything he does, except getting the girl.

He has multiple talents, such as ventriloquism and sign language (slacking off is a talent?).

Hasebe has a habit of collecting emails from anyone he meets, mostly from girls, because he makes him feel at ease, even when he never actually utilizes them.


Lucy YamagamiEdit

Yamagami Lucy is the first girl Hasebe fell in love with. It wasn't shown until later on but he always teases Lucy and invites her to dinner and other occasions, and have a good relationship.

Kaoru HasebeEdit

Older sister of Yutaka Hasebe, they're close. Same carefree attitude as Hasebe, but says that Hasebe is the least hyper out of the family.

Mr. Hasebe Edit

The father of Hasebe, and [SPOILER]...

He is the one who approved of Lucy's name, making it hard for Hasebe to hit on Lucy after he finds out his father did it.

Taishi IchimiyaEdit

Current bestfriend and Senpai, Hasebe always calls him senpai.

Chihaya MegumiEdit

He is disliked by Chihiya Megumi as he is considered a rival when it comes to Lucy, although Chihaya has a boyfriend.

Saya MiyoshiEdit

Friend who is very frank and honest. She has, a few times, said some painfully honest things to Hasebe, but without bad intention.

Kenzo MomoiEdit

Jōji TanakaEdit

Childhood friend and also possibly stalker. Always had tried to compete with Hasebe in earlier years, and 'regrets' a few things and so he becomes with making it up to Hasebe, but troubles Hasebe instead.