Chihaya Megumi is a character from the anime Servant x Service.

Appearance Edit

She has straight shoulder-length auburn hair and matching reddish-brown eyes. Her bangs are parted at the center by two hairclips on either side. She is usually seen wearing a white shirt and a knee-length blue skirt.

Personality Edit

Megumi seems to love manga and she is a huge fan of a magical girl series called Magical Flowers. She also enjoys cosplaying and/or making others cosplay as a certain character. When she's not at work, she sometimes attends cosplay events, usually dressed as Gerbera Pink, the main character of Magical Flowers.

She is also very skilled in needle-work, and makes all her cosplay outfits by herself.

Relationships Edit

Lucy Yamagami : They are good friends and work at the same counter. Megumi often tries to get her to cosplay as Rose Black, another character from Magical Flowers, much to Lucy's chagrin. Megumi has also used weird methods to try and get Lucy's measurements, using the excuse "Oops, I slipped."

Yutaka Hasebe: She views him as a rival because she thinks he could start dating Lucy and get her to do all sorts of cosplay before Megumi could.

She does like him though and views him as a friend.

Taishi Ichimiya: They are going out, despite their six years age difference. She uently gets irritated with him due to him not treating her like his girlfriend and for being "too nice". Taishi is shown to have been worried that she would dump him in Christmas because of him being with his sister and not with her during that time. However, she doesn't care of her also being busy with Comiket.

Toko Ichimiya: Toko and her get along very well and they hang out together often. Megumi has tried to tell her about how she and Taishi are dating but failed lots of times. She also wants Toko to cosplay as Mimosa Yellow,

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